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Frequently Asked Questions

What will parents expect? 

Parents will see value, safety, and improvement in your player.

  • Safe year round environment – Oregon Premier Futsal, or Portland Futsal

  • Professional staff – Owner a full-time soccer coach

  • Assessment with feedback and professional communication




What will players expect?

Players will gain numerous soccer skills and improve your technical ability.

  • Learn several soccer movements pertinent to the game

  • Exercises you can do at home to improve on your own

  • Motivation and goals to increase time on the ball

  • Technique enhancement and refinement

  • Low ratio teaching and attention




Where to your lesson take place? 

Our lessons take place at two locations either Oregon Premier Futsal or Portland Futsal. Our insurance certificate is very specific in the location of the lessons. We can not squat at a local park or field to host a lesson. 




How much do lessons cost? 

The cost of the lessons varies depending on the customized technical session. Please utilize the contact page to send any questions you may need answering.




Does my player need a private soccer trainer? 


This question has two answers. The first answer is no. Players can find the time to complete extra technical training outside of the traditional training environment. The second answer is yes. Many players do like instant feedback and consistency private instruction provides. Depending on the program some players may not have the technical repetitions necessary to play at a high level. Obviously, extra technical training can be very beneficial. Additionally, as players develop and age the emphasis at training shifts from a technical influence to a more tactical based session. As this occurs, technical maintenance can improve and keep a player in a positive mindset. 

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